Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Long Time Ago - a musical interlude

A Long Time Ago, Late 1980, I was 13. I moved from Small Town, Wisconsin, population about 5000 to SmallTown, California, population A whole lot less (got there first stoplight in 2001). We actually lived a few miles outside of Waterford, CA. Waterford is on the east side of the Valley, and we lived on the east side of Waterford. I could walk the dogs up into the foothills without even noticing.

Up until this time, my musical infuences had been, limited. I wasn't in the house a lot as a child. A collection of Beatles albums, my mom's Linda Ronstadt, Aretha, maybe some Eagles, the Grease soundtrack. Whatever my moms put on to clean the house, or build the house, or dig the firewood out of the snowbank.

When I got to tiny house to live with my dad he was deep in the Texas Country. Merle, Willie, Waylon, Johnny, Leon Russell, Hanks Sr. and Jr., DAC. You know, Texas not Tennessee. There was some of that too, but mostly Honky Tonk drinking music he would play constantly, bellowing along to every song. I think it's how he got through the 70's. I can do you every song Hank Williams ever wrote.

I was stuck on that farm for a couple of years. When I got in trouble he'd lock my bike to the tree so I couldn't leave. I think it was locked to that tree an entire summer. I listened to those albums over and over again. I fucking love that shit.

Oh, and while Lonesome Dove is a Top Ten Western Classic, I have read a lot of Lamour, like one summer I devoured 15 or 20 ratty paperbacks. Thanks for the flashbacks Rev.
Love that last song, but the video's weak. If you have time for one more, look how young the boys are in this one. That Wanted! The Outlaws Album rules.


oldschooly said...

If that ain't country, I'll kiss your ass.

reverend dick said...

It's like a conversation.

Unknown said...

I remember your Dad pumping out those albums and the bike to the tree. I believe we used to ride the dirt bike out into those same hills. Memories.......

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