Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pacific Coast Brewing Company

HH and I went on one of our epic rides this week. We ended up at the Pacific Coast Brewing Company in Old Town Oakland.

This place feels like any older brewpub in rural West Coast America. A fine aroma of greasy food and malted hops. We bellied up to the bar where a surly old bartender could barely be bothered and the Giants game was playing on a tiny radio just barely out of earshot. When the bad soundtrack stopped between songs we strained our ears to hear Jon Miller down in the desert.

We got our tasting "samplers', never got our requested waters, and that was about it.
The beers were quite decent. I was loving the Hand Pumped IPA.
They don't bottle any beers, and they don't fill growlers. They've been there for twenty years and are obviously surviving just on Downtown Oakland Happy Hour Patrons. No wonder the old bartender is a bitter ale.
Later at home reading the Celebrator I learned they have an outdoor beer garden and had recently hosted a Holiday Beer Tasting, but in this saturated craft beer market I don't see any real reason to return to what should be my Oakland Pride Brewery.

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