Friday, February 6, 2009

Boycott Kellogg's

Kellogg Co. today became the first major company to drop Michael Phelps.

”Michael’s most recent behavior is not consistent with the image of Kellogg. His contract expires at the end of February and we have made a decision not to extend his contract,” spokeswoman Susanne Norwitz said in a statement.
Meanwhile the Olympic Committee and major sponsors such as Speedo and Omega are continuing their $upport.

Seems Kellogg's doesn't see the correlation between marijuana and sugar cereal sales.

Personally, I never touch the stuff.    I'm more of a Trader O's guy.

Micheal Phelps takes gold in the bongcathalon.
In an extordinary display of lung capacity Micheal Phelps out smokes Hans Schulmer of Amsterdam and T-Bizzle of Compton, CA to be crowned best all around weed smoker in the world. T-Bizzle had this to say about Micheal, "That dude be able to be smoking like dem motha fuckin Jamaicans', I was all like hell no". Phelps was later found passed out in a pool being used for the Marco Polo Championships. He was able to survive for 30 minutes under water because it turns out he has

Couple of viewpoints:
Why is Marijuana Illegal?

Michael Phelps Should Not Be Sorry


Gunnar Berg said...

I do not think marijuana should be illegal. I think heroin should be legal. I think virtually ever drug should be legal. I do not think it is the job, nor the right, of the United States Government to tell me, an adult, what I can or cannot put in my body. Marijuana is bad for your lungs. Heroin will give you diarrhea. Alcohol, my drug of choice, in excess will destroy your liver, stomach and brain cells. It is all political. The Old Boys ban all drugs they in not exposed to. And at this time it would be political suicide to legalize drugs. Our rightwing protectors would be all over them. And don't get me started on the effect of our drug laws on our youth and penal system. At one time I thought all drugs should be legal, then I saw what methamphetamines did to people and I hedged my bets a little.

Anonymous said...

I kind of agree with everything that Gunnar said above but the idea the heroin will give you diarrhea is a bit mistaken, IMHO, of course.

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