Thursday, January 1, 2009

What Would Cheeses Do?

We're enjoying some killer pickled green tomatoes and cheeses we received for the Days. The green tomatoes are Portland Artisan. The Cheeses: Uplands Pleasant Ridge Reserve from Dodgeville, WI (I been there), a Spanish Murcia, a Fleur du Maquis frenchy, and a British Blue from Long Clawson. And the ever awesome Humbolt Fog. Threw some of those Spanish anchovies in there. Fucking Killer.

What Would Cheeses Do?

Single Herd Cheese From Uplands (slightly nutty):

Pleasant Ridge Reserve is an artisanal cheese made from the non-pasteurized milk of a single herd of Wisconsin cows fed and managed using natural, "old world" practices. Our cows graze lush pastures from early spring through fall, just as all cows did before the industrialization of our food system. The resulting milk has better nutritional value and more varied and subtle flavors that are expressed in the delicate flavor profile of Pleasant Ridge Reserve cheese.

We also got two killer olive oils and one SUPER Killer Balsamic.

Oil and Vinegar

The pickled tomatoes with the British Blue, mmmm. It's just the two of us and the Cheeses of the World. Thanks youse guys.

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