Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What To Do Today? Hmmm...

EastBay Crollin

Hyphy spokecard

Trails End

Hyphy Group 1/7

Hyphy View

I have to do this today, only because I can.

One of our usuals is to take bike boulevards down to the bicycle bridge over the 80 to the Bay Trail at the Berkeley Marina. We ride the trail out to Richmond and back. The trail ends at the Rosey the Riveter factory where there is a concrete picnic table that used to have this brilliant bit of graffiti on it. For awhile we would replenish the weather beaten art with our own sharpies. Eventually it was sandblasted off entirely.

We call it the Hyphy Ride. It's a quick and easy 25 miles. Our biggest group might have been 8 riders, and we were riding every week. but some moved away and others got jobs that changed our rituals. We would haul ass out there and back and then find margaritas. That was 2+ years ago according to the photos.

Two dayz ago (Sunday) it was just me and GG. Today it's just me.

I'm outta here. Hyphy Don't Stop.

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fxdwhl said...

my track hasn't left the garage in months. roads are white with salt. somehow the surly survives without a whimper. I don't mind the cold, just the hassle of the layering game.

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