Thursday, January 15, 2009

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Thanks to my friend Chuck, I grew up listening to AC/DC. Driving around the Eastern Central Valley on what ever drugs were available that week listening to every album at full volume. I did that for more than a few years. Luckily I got out before it was too late. Not that I've changed that much, but there were only a few downward spiral options for me there. Truth be told I was raised Poor Drug Trash Metal Head from about 15 - 20. That was like 83 to 87. I tried other music, but it was only for the girls. Mmmm, Goth Girls, Madonna Girls, Punkers, I liked the music, loved the girls, but rocked the metal when stuck for weeks at a time in Waterford. We would get out to shows up in Sac; Iron Maiden, Priest, Motorhead, Alice Cooper, Y&T, Tesla, G-n-R, on and on. I never saw AC/DC. I don't know why, probably, cause I was terminally broke. Eventually I got a job at a grocery store my buddies parents owned. We worked but we were constantly fucked up on whatever drugs we could find, which was everything except H. We did 8 balls and sheets and herbs and fungus and more 8 balls. Somehow, with the help of Susan and Ruddy I escaped before I ended up down one of those previously mentioned spirals; jail, addiction, death, or worst yet, a Nascar fan.

But enough about me.

Have you seen this?

These women ROCK! I've seen them before, I will see them again. It is an amazing show. It is Pure and True. They only play Bon Scott songs, pre 1979, you know, before the chipmunk. Philomena is a friend of mine.
From the Website:
Well if you're looking for trouble, we're the girls to see, If you're lookin' for a satisfaction, satisfaction GUARANTEED!!!

AC/DShe is the original all-girl AC/DC tribute band doing Bon-era songs. These gals are committed to staying true to the heart pounding rhythms and high energy presentation of early AC/DC. The FIRST of the female tribute band phenomenon, they have been performing since the summer of 1999. Like AC/DC, AC/DShe knows it's a long way to the top if you wanna rock-n-roll, but they've been doing a kick ass job of delivering some high voltage rock to maximum-capacity crowds worldwide. So, put on your best AC/DC tour shirt, grab a beer, and hop on the highway to hell with AC/DShe.

They play around here all the time. Mostly Slim's, in fact:
>>> Next Show: Saturday, February 7 at SLIM'S in San Francisco!<<<
Thrasher Interview

Fuck It! Here! Turn That Shit Up!

AC/DShe - Thrasher Interview Pic

I take full responsibility and have no regrets. I know who I am.

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