Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Make Sure You Call Him Mr. President


I set the alarm for 7 AM. When it went off I rolled over, turned on the tube, and listened to the coffee maker kick on. GG kept sleeping. We don't have cable, so my choice is Charlie Gibson and George Stephanopoulos, although Diane Sawyer bugs.

The Man

The Motorcade

I remember watching the GW Bush inauguration. When he rode to the event I chanted at the tv, "Now, do it now, GET HIM." This time I can only smile while I listen to the screams of joy that follow the motorcade down Pennsylvania Avenue.

The first President to be sworn in by a Chief Justice he voted against. Obama doesn't have the Supreme Court in his pocket, but their history seems to show a non partisan honesty.

It's starting to get good, I woke up GG.

The Mall

Two Million people attending, one port-o-potty for every 400 people. Soo many people, a sea of humanity. Two miles.
The crowd has started to chant OBAMA. The World is Watching. All the Playas are there.

Had to switch over to KRON to see Aretha singing, all the other channels showing the Statue of Liberty, etc.

Here Comes The Man

Two women and a black man. Fuck Yeah!

Swear to Gawd

Smilin' Joe Biden getting it done right. When they close their eyes, you know they mean that shit.

Yo Yo and friends are awesome. Sounding amazing, it's like 24 degrees on those hands.

It's after 12 noon eastern, Bush is No LONGER PRESIDENT, Obama hasn't been sworn in yet. SMILING JOE is in charge right now!! No, Obama is now the president!!!!!


YES! Thank You! The Bush Regime is over. Hail to the Chief!!!

That was awesome.

Whitehouse website. New and Improved.

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