Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Dogs And Trucks And Snow And Love And Rock And NPR And More Snow or Feliz Navidad

So, ya know, lots of family and friends up in the PDX. Lots of good times up in the PDX. So, we decide we are to drive up for the Holidaze cause we got dogs and stuff. So, we see the weather. We realize and stress about the possiblilties. We realize the Prius isn't going to make it. So, yesterday I am talking to Dreadle and after getting off the phone, I call GG and suggest that we suggest that we trade trucks with him so as to use his 4x4. GG says they are going to Tahoe for the Holidaze and need their truck.

Cool. I forget about it.

Later that day, Dreadle calls up and suggests that we take his truck.

Just Like That. Like He Heard Me.

We couldn't have made it. No, Really. We couldn't have made it. He saved the Holidaze.

Traffic out of the BayArea was hell. Took us an hour to get forty miles. After we hit the 505 we were flying. Up the I-5 was fine, but the traffic out of Oakland slowed us so much that we hit Shasta at nightfall. Up and over Mount Shasta was slow and painful. Horizontal Big Flake Snow Slushing It All Up. It Got Ugly, I Mean Slow, Down To One Lane On A Big Highway. Follow The Disappearing Tracks. The 4x has 4 wheel drive but no Mud and Snow's. We white knuckled over the mountain. When we got to Yreka it was 6 ish, after dark, and to get to our destined Ashland was up and over more ridges, and the highway radio station was saying chains for everyone without Mud/Snows.

After deciding to stay, we found Casa Ramos, which we have enjoyed many times while in NORTHern California. Eleven locations and Margys. I called a dog friendly motel, saved a room, there's like 4 cars in the lot. And we settled in.

Tomorrow we chain up and attack the Lower Cascades, no problem, slow and steady. Like the blues...

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