Friday, December 12, 2008

Infinte Restless Motion

"Those who were previously sedentary and waiting tremulously for the inevitable ravages of illness to overtake them flew into delighted, freewheel motion. Lightness shone through the bleak day to day. Underdogs rejoiced." -Todd Balf, Major

My second fixie was handed down from the heavens. (The First One Is Free) All the stars aligned and I was given a Moment In Time. I had been trolling the usual Internet sites for a true track frame for quite some time, but it just wasn't happening. I believe that with patience, no deadline, and the Internet anything can be had for less. Hell, I just scored a set of Alpha Q carbon drop bars for $60 delivered, NIB, for a current build project. Fuck Yeah!

Anyways, GG was out of town for the weekend, I had a pocket full of money, and this popped up on CL:
Track Bike / Fixed Gear - $600 (mill valley)
Reply to:
Date: 2006-06-25, 9:12PM PDT

Fixed Gear, Track Bike, 57cm

Track Bike, built with a Reynolds 531 competition tube set.
Lugged steel frame in excellent condition with 1 small paint blemish on the top tube.
This frame has no front or rear brake holes
Measurements are: 57 c-t-c seat post, 58 c-t-c top tube.

Nitto CrMo B123 Bars, NJS
Salsa Stem 100mm, 90 degree
Sugino 75 crankset with 47 tooth chain ring, NJS, 170mm
18 tooth cog, a great fixed gear combination
Wheels: Suzue Pro Max Hubs, 32 spoke, 14/15 gauge spokes, Mavic rims.
New Tires
MKS Pedal, clips & straps
American Classic Seat post
WTB saddle, ti rails

$600 Or Best Offer
Call 415 xxx xxxx 0r email questions

This is priced to cover the cost of the frame and crankset only. If it doesn't sell by Wednesday I will Part it out on e-bay.

I think I was leaving the CL bikepage in an open window and coming back to it every so often and refreshing it. Reload, Reload, Reload. Like I said GG was out of town, I was lounging with the laptop in front of a movie, probably partially intoxicated on the usuals. The ad says it was posted at 9:12 pm on a Sunday night. I must have been the first response.

So the guys up in Mill Valley, he had planned to ride at Hellyeah, but never did. (sounds familiar) He can't show me the bike till Tuesday evening. On Monday, I sent him pics of my conversion with a note on how I had been searching forever. You know how CL is famous for taking quicker, easier, or more money.

Tuesday night we meet at that one bike shop on that one long bike trail over in Marin, might be a Mike's. The fog is thick and wet and I'm freaking out waiting in the parking lot for him. He shows up, pulls out the bike and starts putting the wheels on it. As soon as I saw it, it was mine. He's asking if I'm going to haggle cause he's got other offers and I'm shoving six crisp benjies in his hand without having stood over it. Then he starts pulling out tools and accessories and throwing them in on the deal. Lock ring wrench, toptube protector, chain retention bolt things. I'm about speechless at this point. He says it's Bike Karma. I give him back the saddle to go to the Re-Cyclery.

Oh, that new bike feeling, I still have it two years later. I told GG on the phone, before she had returned from her trip. She was pissed at first, but once she saw Walter's handy work she understood. I love this bike.

All the parts have been transferred to another build/story. She is now dressed in full Dura Ace, right down to her stem. Everyday set up is with a Nitto Noodle bar, I also have a Nitto risers on a short DA stem and Nitto 123AA on a Nitto drop stem (for that soon to happen track day). Road wheels are DA short flange to Salsa Delgado Cross rims, a little heavier than some, not as heavy as Deep V's, strong as hell and classic box style. I have a set of DA high flange to Araya Gold tubies hanging pretty in the lab. DA pedals if I want to wear those shoes.

The craftsmen at Croll know that it's not just aesthetics and fit that make a bike great; it's also the care taken in the construction. Attention to detail and meticulous workmanship take time and effort, but the finished product reflects the skill of its makers. Each Croll is hand-built, hand-sanded, hand-filed, undergoes at least eight alignment checks, and receives between fourteen and eighteen coats of paint. Whether a Road, Mountain, Cyclocross or Track frame, each is built with Reynolds steel for resiliency and strength. By the time your Croll frame has gotten to you, the people at Croll have gotten as much out of it as you are about to.

Walter Croll 1

Walter Croll 2

Walter Croll 3

Walter Croll 4


This bike rides like a dream. Hand built under Walter in Minneapolis/St. Paul in the early-mid 90s. The paint is deep and the brazing is silver. It is silent and solid. My baby.

FGG (for an earlier version)

Croll Cycles Brochure

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