Monday, December 15, 2008

Hustle and Flow

I have seen a lot of Vampire movies.

All the Draculas, All the Blades (del Toro), All the Dusk til Dawns, JC's Vampires (Great), JBJ's Vampires (Bad, but it was JBJ), The Hunger, 30 Days of Night (Pretty Good), Vampire vs. Vampire, Buffy, the Underworld series, Near Dark (SuperClassic), Interview, Queen of the Damned, a couple of Blackulas, both Lost Boys, a ton of B movie Dracula vs. Somebody or Dracula Does Something, and a couple of C movies even.

They weren't all great, some I turned off, but I loved a bunch of them. Sometimes just for ONE line, scene, or kill.

I dig Vampire movies.

I have not read or watched the HBO series, or the new teen books, I won't watch the HBO soap opera, I saw about 20 minutes of one of the episodes and that was too long. I haven't decided about Twilight, no need to read it, probably won't even flix it. Maybe I'll be stuck in a hotel room when it's on cable, or catch in on a flight.

I did read all the Vampire Chronicles, and her Mummy, and Feast of All Saints, and one of the Mayfair Witches. Did you know Anne Rice is born again, and now writes Jesus teen fiction. No really, it's makes no sense, a conundrum, an oxymoron, I don't understand.

Anyways, Generik has a friend who made this short.

Well Done Sir!

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