Saturday, December 13, 2008

Adam 5-100

Adam 5-100 writes:

Subject: What a year, and a new Painting/Poster to prove it

Hi everybody,
I'm emailing to let everybody know about my 3rd annual, hand painted, 8 layer, edition of painting/prints.
They will go up on This Sunday at noon.

I'm really proud of these, they are a perfect ending to an amazing year. So much has happened, from solo shows to shows across the pond, from pinball machines that will be in the Smithsonian, to an illustration for a magazine in London, there has just been so much.
Next year, looks like it will be just as crazy, if not more so. Shows are already booked for Philly and Melbourne Aus. in February,
A two man show with Seth Armstrong, in Tampa bay Florida in August, And a solo with project 4 gallery in Washington D.C.

I want to thank all of you, for letting me do what I love, and I hope you will love it to...
Adam 5-100 Feibelman

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