Monday, November 17, 2008

What's Up Change?

I met a President once, back in NineteenHundred and 93. He had lunch at LuLu's. I happened to call in for my schedule that morning and everyone was freaking out. The SS was there setting up a metal detector, and preparing the place. I hauled ass down there and got a seat at the bar to have lunch.

The place was always busy back then, but that day it was also filled with local celebs. Clinton and his entourage showed up, had lunch in the big booths by the front door, and then Bill stood and walked over to the bar. He started at one end and worked his way back to the kitchen. He stopped at each person and shook our hands, looked us in the eye, and said "Hello". It was awesome. I like to, first, tell people that I said "Legalize It", but I barely said "Hi". It was truly awesome. He then went back and took photos with all the kitchen staff. This was before camera phones (I think I was packing a pager). It Was Awesome.

While GG and I were watching The Returns and giggling, I told her if I ever met Obama I'd say "What's Up Change?"

This is an amazing and wonderful Sign of the Times. From

For the first time, the weekly Democratic address has been released as a web video. It will also continue to air on the radio.

President-elect Obama plans to publish these weekly updates through the Transition and then from the White House.

Today's address from the President-elect concerns the current economic crisis:

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