Friday, November 14, 2008

Frankie + Chloé = True Love

On October 18, in a very intimate ceremony, we officially—and legally—tied the knot. It was the most incredible moment of our lives. But now, as support for Proposition 8 grows, we find ourselves both tearful and furious that our basic human right to a loving marriage—and the protections and dignities that go with it—could be taken away from us next week.

As spouses for life, we are fortunate to enjoy the fundamental right and freedom to marry under current California law. But should Proposition 8 pass on November 4th, it will ELIMINATE the right of same-gender couples to marry and deny us full dignity under the law.

Our opponents—mainly the Mormon and Catholic churches—are fronting literally tens of millions of dollars to buy up ad space for the purpose of spouting lies. Their reports that churches will lose their tax exemption, and that children will be taught about gay marriage in schools, just aren't true. Their efforts to nullify our marriage are not only unconstitutional, they are un-Christian and inhumane. What ever happened to "live and let live?" We all deserve not only the same freedoms but the same rights as well.

With love, hope and the utmost gratitude,
Frankie + Chloé
October 30, 2008

Frankie + Chloé

Congratulations and Love.

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