Friday, October 17, 2008

There Is No External Enemy

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Some weeks are harder than others. Maybe physically, maybe mentally, maybe psychically or socially. It's Friday. The weekend is here again. Get outside. Breathe deep. Take moments. When I'm snowboarding up in Tahoe, at Homiewood especially, on perfect days, every of couple of runs, on the upper half of the mountain, I like to take what I call "Zen Breaks". Stop and sit in the snow and look at the mountains and the lake, and really appreciate the beauty around me, and how fortunate I am to be there, in that spot on the planet, doing something I love so much. Then I hit the bowl again, and haul motherfucking ass. No really, I can fucking ride that board, we should go, I love that shit, hauling ass down groomers, poaching deep powder in the trees, popping off the rollers, just flying, especially the deep powder, when the tail gets off the hard pack and your fully surfing that shit. So get outside, breathe, do something fun, and take a zen break from this chaos.

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Paintings are by The Lads - Portland, Oregon 2008.

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reverend dick said...

Goddamn, that's awesome.

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