Saturday, October 11, 2008

Cross Crusade Alpenrose 2008

Two years in a row I've been at the first Cross Crusade event of the season at Alpenrose. Cool place. Lots of fun. They have a velodrome that they incorporate into the cross course, lots of barricades, including a new one this year right at the base of the big run up. Seemed muddier and steeper last year so maybe that's why they added it. There's is a muddy hairpin right before it so getting enough speed/power to ride over the single barricade just wasn't happening. One guy gave it a go and hung up on his cranks. Fell over started to run up the hill and much to the delight of the fans, he ran back down and gave it another go, only to get his rear tire on the barricade and spin and spin sideways till he fell again. Super Bonus Points For Trying. We wandered around saw the whole course, had crepes, checked out the bikes and athletes. Alpenrose is a dry operation, so no beer, but I'm told at the other race sites they serve beer. Just as well, we were due back for our shift on twin patrol.

Women  CC 08

Peleton CC 08

Unicycles CC 08

Trees CC 08

Trees 2 CC 08

Trees 1 CC 08

Clydes CC 08

Barricade CC 08

Bike Down CC 08

Nag CC 08

Tandem CC 08

Velo CC 08

Hanging CC 08

Cross Crusade

Freebird had broke himself the week before, see it here, so he was out for the first race of the season. Hopefully, he'll be ready for Villebois.


Next season I'm racing.


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