Thursday, September 11, 2008

Yes, Sarah, There Were Dinosaurs

Sitting here on 9/11, in the same spot I watched the towers come down, seven short years ago. I wanted to post this tribute to the victims by Neal Young, but after watching the news and surfing around the webosphere, I am not feeling the hope. I am feeling the grumpy fatalism that takes me over. It isn't that I believe in predetermined fate, maybe it's defeatism. It's really more of a inevitable, self destructive, nature of man crushing any feelings of hope. It comes back to Ego, comes back to Geed, Envy, Hate, Anger. These things rule humanity, and are driving our society.

People fighting religious wars over barrels of oil that are traded on Wall St. The entire Capitalist system's purpose is to make more money. The more gas costs the more money the entire machine makes, so why wouldn't the prices go up and up? And yet, during this election summer, prices came down. What's that all about?

War profiteers, Cronyism, Bush has been a lame duck president for three and a half years. He told us as much when he said the withdrawal plan will be the next presidents problem. He has never cared about the big picture, the long term.

With Global Warming, it's like people are lame duck humans. They won't be around by then. It isn't about saving the planet. The planet will still be here. It's us, we'll be gone. Uninhabitable areas on the planet, food shortages, water shortages, mass population migrations. We've known about these problems for a long time, so the government gets tough and requires all cars to get 35 miles per, by the year 2011. How much will gas be then?

Our domestic problems, crime, health care, education, there's no short term profits in repairing these chronic problems. They will be problems for the rest of organized societies existence. But we should be doing everything we can. We have penny drives raising tons of money for schools overseas, while our public schools are closing. We have whole towns declaring bankruptcy. And Gray Davis was recalled over the California economy/budget, by a huge Republican movement, and now we're in even worse debt. Bet some Old Men made money on that.

Now with McCain/Palin. I don't see any hope. I don't see them having meetings about how they could Help the World Society. I see them pandering and profiting. And Sarah Palin, well shit, turns out Matt Damon, of all people, breaks it down very well:

Yes, September Eleventh was tragic. But it should have been a wake up call to open talks about the real problems of our World Society.

If McCain is elected there will be more war$, and we will continue down the spiral, so Hell, guess I just gotta look out for me and mine, I won't be around when it gets really ugly, anyways.

Or maybe I just need more weed, less coffee.

there is no external enemy
there is no external enemy
there is no external enemy
there is no external enemy

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