Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Rest Easy Jerry

Three Grammys and two too many Bandit movies (he was in all three). Elvis covered one of his songs, he was on a bunch of those Seventies Variety shows, and he was animated on the Scooby Doo Show, I think he enjoyed life, mostly.

Back in 80-82 I was living in The Middle of Nowhere, CA and Earl was my only musical infuence. He had stacks and stacks of country albums and we would listen to them, over and over. He had it all. Texas Country, Tennessee Country, stuff dating back to the Sixties. The entire Waylon catalog, Willie catalog, Cash catalog, Hank Sr. catalog, Hank Jr. catalog, David Allen Coe, Merle, Leon Russell, Loretta Lynn, Buck Owens, Dolly, George Strait,

and Jerry Reed.

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