Tuesday, September 9, 2008

an open letter

I received this from Adam5-100. I don't imagine there are many, if any, Republicans reading this blog, but if there are, I hope they feel and understand what my man, Adam, is feeling and saying. Actually, I know of one, and I don't understand her at all. Maybe this will help.

So, I’m not much of a writer, I am an artist, as most of you know. I don’t derive any real pleasure from writing. Reading good, but writing is something I was glad to leave after collage. With that said, there is this weight on my back, and in the back of my mind. A weight that has compelled me to write. I need to express these things, this way, in order to organize the enormity, of the thoughts and feelings about the matter. So here, this is what I have to say.

This is a big couple of months, for our country. We are about to go and vote in the next president of the United States. I would like to breakdown my decision, in order to open a dialog, with my fellow Americans.
I will not accept, that we are that different. What we all want is generally the same. We want peace, we want prosperity, we don’t want people to suffer, we want our rights/freedoms, and the betterment of the world. Nobel ideals. I’m not a man of god, but I wouldn’t mind calling them godly ideals.

These ideals, mapped out from the beginning of our country, need help. The help they need comes from Honesty, Integrity, and selflessness of the people who are charged with carrying them out. Our leaders.

Now, we as a group have lived through 8 years that challenge everything I just said. Some have not made it! Much like the 4000+ dead soldiers, or hundreds of people in New Orleans. But the majority of us have made it. Back on point, These 8 years have had us witness so much, from the attack, to the ran-sack. The ideals have been left behind, and as a country we reflect that, in disapproval ratings, so I know this is a bi-partisan feeling.

We both are for fiscal responsibility, right, so lets stop spending 12 billion a week…. on a war driven by pocket coating.
All of that is out in the open for all to see, and we all do see it, that’s why we all disapprove of bush so much, 73% of us!!!!!!

And here we are watching the candidates battle it out, one man, when he speaks, says exactly what he wants to do. And in fact has worked in one-way or another, for these same plans for his entire carrier. As a second note: has made his campaign about his plan. Without submitting to mud throwing, or smearing character. When it would be pretty easy to do so… those are tactics of Dishonesty, and therefore should have anybody question the Integrity of a man or women. They are forms of lying.

The other has started off without shame. He has taken the low road, by submitting to smear tactics, cheap insults, and utter negation of any real issues. A culture war on top of the Iraq war, that is Bullshit!
He has made it a point to express to us that his version of change, is to stay the same. The same as the last 8 years.
The same last 8 years, that has actually brought both parties together in disapproval of the president. I mean can anyone name something that has been success in the last 8 years?
I can’t,,,,,and I have tried,, see my graph at the bottom of the page.
We see the same things. And want real CHANGE.
We want a change to understanding complexities, and making decisions based in the reality of situations. Not gut driven, blind movement.

We should reward honesty, reward class, reward a man of the people, reward one who seeks to protect, not neglect. Because after all the real purpose of government, is to be a big community organization. One to help the people of our giant community. Not one to help the very few at the top. Who seem to help themselves.
I implore you to take action, get your friends registered, volunteer, and write your own letter to friends.

Anyway, look, I am writing this as a plea of sorts, before I return to my home state, New Mexico, to work on the Obama campaign. This is a plea for a return to real action for the betterment of our society, and world. A plea for us all to respect the work, that our forefathers built for us, a plea for the recognition of dishonesty, and punishment of it. A plea for a return to civil discourse about the actual problems. And finding solutions together.

We are all sick of it. No more lying, deceiving, No more culture war! No more cronyism! No more for profit leaders!
We want a return to godly ideals; we want someone who will think of all of us. Not just his friends.
So in the upcoming election vote for the man who exhibits the big ideals, and lives by them:
Barack Obama

Thank you very
Please email me back if you would like

Adam 5-100 Rocks The Vote

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Fink said...

Well said! It's the youth of our nation that will bring change!

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