Monday, September 22, 2008

More News From Nowhere

NC - 1

GG looks amazing. Prada, JBrand, Gucci. I'm in my best black suit.

We head into town and hook up with Hans and have a killer dinner at Pagolac in Little Saigon. Moni meets us at Olive up the street. Food. Check. Cocktails. CHECK. We are very excited, having listened to all the old favorites this week. We heard great reviews from Friday night's show, and soon we are in the fever of the Warfield lounge, drinks in hand. A herd of Security comes thundering by, shouting Make A Hole, moving someone towards the street. All feels familiar and right.

We're just a little too old for the floor of the Warfield, maybe for the right show, yeah, no, not even Qotsa opening for AC/DC would I want to be down there. There was a time when I wouldn't sit upstairs. So we headed upstairs, decent seats, could of been a little more center, but we like them. We settle in and just before the lights go down, there's Irish Mike and Christine, and they look great. For Nick Cave a suit must be worn.

NC - 2

The lights go down, and we are off. Starts right out with Night of the Lotus Eaters, and it feels too fast, no dark drone, and then it ends to quickly. This makes me nervous. Two songs later, The Weeping Song, another favorite, feels too fast, and the sound is not right, a bit muddled and washed out. For a spliff second I might feel disappointment. Then that second is gone. The sound cleans up, his energy is amazing. He dances the edge of the stage like a preacher, many songs truly sermons as he belts the audience across the face. Especially with We Call Upon The Author. He plays a lot from the new album and we are stoked. GG keeps calling out for City of Refuge, but Nick never hears her. He does crank out more than a few classics, Papa Won't Leave Ya Henry and Stagger Lee among them. He played around twenty songs, for over two hours.

NC - 3

NC - 4

NC - 5

NC - 6

NC - 7

Look in the second picture at Warren Ellis, he's the superbeardo on the right of the images. He is surrounded by all kinds of weird instruments laid out on blankets. He spent most of the night going crazy on those short neck guitars you see behind him. Often he seemed locked in his own world. Here he is in a crazy flute solo.

NC - 9

NC - 8

The Show was long and amazing and thorough and I wish it would have gone another two hours and twenty songs.



Old Nevermore said...


I miss Irish Mike.

Anonymous said...

damn, is jealousy one of the sins.....lust check, envy i wish i was paying attention during that lecture

ADAM5-100 said...

good photos, dooderino

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