Thursday, July 17, 2008

Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner

Karen and Walter's is one of those places you read about, or your friend goes to every summer for a month while your stuck in the same old-same old. It's that LakeHouse. It's summertime. Warm nights walking down the road to get a softserve. Bike rides in the morning along ponds, through woods, past mellow lake beaches. It might rain but not all day and it's a warm rain that rumbles and zaps and keeps on moving. It's a place where the cookie jar never runs dry. It is RIGHT on the Great Lake Ontario, so amazingly close. Open the door and there it is, they call the lakeside the front and on the backside is the road, which is RIGHT on a giant pond, really a small lake, but they call them ponds. I guess being next to and connecting to Ontario, it is. Cozy bed, lightning bugs, scrabble, good eats, bonfires, STOP! HAMMOCKTIME! This was the first part of our trip. Three and a half great days in Greece, NY, just North of Rochester. We loved it. Thanks K&W!!

Front Yard - NY 08

Pond - NY 08

Grasses - NY 08

GLO Sunset - NY 08

Scrabs - NY 08

GG Rides - NY 08

Walkin - NY 08

Bonfire - NY 08

KI, Lucy/DC and GG - NY 08

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