Sunday, June 1, 2008

Vic's Chaat Corner

I guess I might as well tell you about Vic's, cause everyone else knows about it now.

Full House

Chaat literally means 'to lick'. Traditionally this road side snack was served on a leaf and it was so tongue-tickling that one could not resist licking the last morsels from the leaf before discarding it, thereby giving a descriptive name to the cuisine.


It is a wonderful meal and great experience. Lately there has been a line out the door, while in quick moving line we try to figure out the menu on the wall, then after ordering there is the game of table roulette, which isn't really a problem, and when they call your name it sounds a bit like Charlie Brown's teacher. MMMmmmmmm. Keema samosa (ground lamb with peas), but only on the weekends. We keep trying new things, not really sure what to expect, and we always leave happy. Koliwada Fish, Mirchi Vada/Bat Vada. It's cheap, fast, and delicious.

It feels like what I imagine a neighborhood fast food restaurant in India might be like. Grandmas in the exhibition kitchen yelling at the young guys on the line. Families everywhere, lots of Indian Americans dressed in traditionals, and every flavor of hippy/granola/yuppie Berkeleyites. Next door is an Indian grocery with all the wonderful supplies to try this at home.

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