Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hans Across The Bay

HH took a week off for his birthday, so we got it started on Sunday with an alleycat, complete with a checkpoint, challenge, and spoke card.

HATB spokecard

Adam and Anne, Hans and Moni, Lucy/DC, and me and GG hit the Ohlone Trail out to Richmond to the first checkpoint it was neck and neck with the peleton spliting into two groups towards the end. In the final straight away of the first stage; Adam5100 broke away to sprint to the finsh.


The Checkpoint Challenge was to have a margarita, nachos and poppers at Trevino's.


Then the mad dash back to the compound. GG crossed the finish line first. Hanzo and I got lost and had to stop for a Freebird.


I believe Hans got DFL. The afternoon was spent throwing bones on the table and beer cans in the yard. Our new deck is in, and it's seems to be working perfectly.


More folks showed up, those beautiful Chapital women sans Fireman, BK, Tom, Dana, Sabrina and Vance.


We had killer cocktails. GG was given a bottle of Absolute New Orleans, flavored with Mango and Black Pepper. Hanzo made a fresh tarragon simple syrup and we made crazy lemon drops for everyone. GG whipped up some Yumtown, with a little help from her friends. It was a small affair that produced epic smiles. Like this one the next day.


Hangovers like that are best slept off on a beach somewhere.

Birthday Beach

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