Monday, May 12, 2008

Clara and Carlos

It was always probably there. We have parakeets. We have bird feeders with a variety of birds hanging out. We have had some bird happenings; Once a blue Heron landed down by the pond to do some fishing, I chased it away. Once a falcon brought down a morning dove into the courtyard, you can SEE IT HERE (then click on image to blow it up). Once when we were out beating the MG, top down, a turkey vulture was on some roadkill and we almost hit it and with one flap it was up over the hood of the car, and with another flap it just cleared the windshield, that was awesome.

Then someone gave GG this book.

The Big Year

And it awoke a dormant passion left over from a past naturalist existence. She really digs birds and birding. I read the book, it was a good read, I dig GG, we have seen some really COOL BIRDS. So she got a field guide, and some binoculars, and has been learning and spotting and giggling and smiling. She makes me happy.

Recently there has been big excitement down in San Jose concerning some Peregrine Falcons having three eggs hatch high atop City Hall. They set up webcam to watch the excitement. FALCONCAM. It showed the eggs hatch, and feeding time, and the chicks, sorry GG, eyases are getting bigger and hopping around, soon they will be banded, on webcam, and then learn to fly away.

So we went down to San Jose to see the falcons. Found City Hall and went walking around this 19 story federal building, with binoculars. She asks a cop where the birds are and he tells us! Around the other side. We circle around and there's a falcon flying by. They are good size and fast. We watch for a few minutes, and it's gone. Around the next side of the building we can see the other falcon on the top of the roof sitting. Can you see it? Right on that corner.


I forgot about the trick where we shoot the camera through the binoculars. It works.

After a few moments some old hippie guy comes up and asks us which falcon it is. He's going to the blues festival, but wants to tell his wife he saw it. Then moments later a woman comes over and asks us are we looking for the falcons, she was driving by and saw us with our binocs, and that we should go to the top of this parking structure nearby to see them better.

So we do. She shows up, another falcon fanatic shows up. Nothing like being a noobie and having the "experts" to give you the tour. They told us where the falcons hangout on the other towers around us, and of other falcon nests in the bay area. High-larious.

Did you know there is a La Taqueria in San Jose? Same great FOOD as SF!


After lunch we drive back up the parking structure, after all SJ is not around the corner, and we see both birds flying all over the place. GG was ecstatic.

GG Sees

Later we went bowling.

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