Thursday, April 3, 2008


And you may ask yourself, "How can this guy take these great pictures? I mean, he's half-blind and fuzzy most of the time anyways."

Well, I'll tell ya, a few years back my friend Kilfeather came into work with a new toy he was all excited about. Kilfy has many of the same ailments and allergies I do, so when he's excited I listen. He reaches into his seven demon bag and pulls out a new digital camera. He then tells a story of research and examintation. He spent a lot of time on the internet and this was the best of the best. A sweet little Panasonic Lumix with a Leica Lens.

That was good enough for me, they had one at Co$tco for a nice price, I grabbed one, tricked it out with the biggest memory card I could get, done. Fits in my pocket, has cool presets, plenty of megapixs.

Turns out that Leica Lens is sweet. Camera takes great pics. Just showing pics to friends, they could see it. Jil and Tim, who are Leica collectors, saw the pics and camera and went out and bought a couple, and then a couple more. Freebird bought one. We bought a second one, so GG could have her own. Chapitals bought one. Mama Sherry bought a nice one with like 11 megapix. They come in different models, but all Lumix. In Europe they are the same camera, only called Leica, and they cost a fortune.

And Then, my new one gets knocked from my hand at a wedding, jamming the lens, becoming useless. I almost bought another, but GG caught me and made me send the broken one to Panasonic, under warranty (didn't say I dropped it). AND they fixed it, updated the software, and sent it back. Amazing.

You should get one.


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Old Nevermore said...

Dude, how the fuck did you take a picture of your own camera?

That's freaking me out.

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