Friday, April 18, 2008

Go Here Now

Last call before the bridge? Once we're on the bridge the next stop is North Oakland. We've already been somewhere, I was probably at work, GG out with the girls. Or we were at a house party with a whole crew, or birthday dinner at some fabo-restaurant, or a rock show, yeah we were probably at a Rock Show! We just dropped someone off somewhere and we're heading for the freeway and it's always there. Always between us and the bridge.

There is no sign out front, the lighting's perfect, soundtrack entertaining. A wall of booze; with only a great selection being turned into tasty treats. They do a line out the door during happy hour, but we're not around around then anyways. By the time we get there it's always an industry party and everyone is smiling.

Chris, Marc, and Sky are possibly the nicest crew behind the rail of any bar in town. Sure I've known them all for years, but we've been watching and these guys are good to everyone, automatically, they can't help it. There isn't a grumpy bartender. They have hired on some new folks I've heard, but I've never seen them.

83 Proof

Yeah, uhmm, on second thought, you shouldn't go there, that place sucks.

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