Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sfortuna al gioco, fortuna in amore

When it comes to gambling I just don't win. Just don't. Vegas, Reno, South Shore, North Shore, San Pablo Indian Casino, Riverboat casino in N'awlins. I have learned to enjoy the game.

We just got back from South Lake. Every year SamNLu gather their crew to try to pull off a big March Madness heist. For us it was only two nights, but what great nights, we hit town and check into our ski closet (a typical tiny room within walking distance to the gondola). It's clean and comfy and it allows dogs, good enough. The rest of the crew are in a typical ski cabin (clean and comfy with a certain weirdness to it, they all have something weird about them).

We find them at the Lakeside, for me the only game in town. Lucy/DC and Sonoma Abe are destroyed, I'm sorry, destroying the blackjack table and Sam and Byron are destroying Coors Lights down in the sportsbook. After immediate alcohol and a refresher course of the brackets I drop down a few bets, a six game parlay for $10, the games being played all day on Friday. Bet #2: a 3 game parlay for $20 bet, all games being played at the same time, starting in moments, right in front of us. Bet #3: $20 on Wisconsin to win it all. Long odds. On Wisconsin!


We stayed in the sportsbook for the 3 game parlay I won 2 of 3, so lose. A good time tho, and then the six of us, drunk and disorderly, had dinner and called it a night. GG and I back to the closet.


The next day we took the dogs out to a trailhead over by Fallen Leaf Lake. It turns out Annie is a snow dog. THAT"S why she has so much hair between her toes. Ya know how when a dog finds something stinky to roll in they go crazy grinding into it, she was that way in the snow, racing around in big circles like a freak. So fun. And she's pushing 11. Foxy was instantly misserable. After 20 yards of tiny steps, her belly became encrusted with icy snow, and she just stopped. As we continued she began to cry, not moving. Good thing she's only 5 and half lbs. Beautiful Tahoe.




Later, we went to Chez Samuel' for a mixed roast of pig chicken cow lamb and late night poker. Stone arrived to make us Lucky 7. Damn Good Times!!


Yeah, I didn't win at poker, but I'm ready to play again. And that 6 game parlay, the first five games I picked winners, then that night, we're over at the cabin watching the sixth game with the crew, and I lost. Ah well, have you met my wife?


She's a goddess.
She put some more pics of this adventure here.

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